Propaganda by any other name

Propaganda by any other name
     There were two major stories in the headlines today that were largely based on what appears to be pure conjecture. This Trump “classified information” story and the allegation that North Korea perhaps maybe might be involved in the ransomware story.
     Both stories were reported, as is, and then repeated around the world.
Propaganda at this point in time is simply saying something and then waiting for everyone to report it as fact. Done deal.
That is what happened in both of these stories. No one is going to fact-check these stories. As Postman said so long ago, we are too busy amusing ourselves to death.
We seriously need to stop fixating on Trump and figure out what is really going on here, behind the man in the mirror. What we will see is a shit-show.
Dumping Trump will not change any of that, not one iota.

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