Editor Dmitry Popkov shot dead in Russia’s Siberia

editor.jpgCommittee to Protect Journalists   26 May 2017

“We call on Russian authorities to conduct a thorough, unbiased, and effective investigation into the brutal slaying of Dmitry Popkov and bring those responsible to justice,” CPJ Europe and Central Asia Program Coordinator Nina Ognianova said. “Russia is a country where too many journalists have been murdered for their work while their killers walk free. This toxic cycle of impunity must be reversed once and for all.”

Popkov, 42, who co-founded Ton-M in 2014, was known for his investigative reports on abuse of power and corruption, as well as his criticism of functionaries from the leading Kremlin-backed United Russia party. The newspaper, published under the motto, “We write what other people stay silent about,” was well-known in Krasnoyarsk Krai and had been subject to threats and pressure from authorities. It has also been the target of politically motivated police raids, according to media reports. In an August 2016 editorial, Popkov wrote that Ton-M was “accustomed to being a pain in the neck for many officials who are trying to [silence us] in every possible way,” through “phone threats, intimidating searches, and interrogations.” He added that the authorities were concerned about the “corruption incidents that we reveal.”


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