Saudi Arabia issues 10,000 Riyal fine for watching al-Jazeera


Well, this is going to be interesting. Now we will see how -or if- the US reacts to this obvious attempt to control media. Is closing down AJM the main reason for the ‘blockade?’ Is KSA trying to prevent the network from broadcasting in the entire region? JP

09 June 2017| None listed | The New Arab

Saudi Arabia issued an outright ban against watching the al-Jazeera TV channel on Thursday, in the latest bizarre twist in its on-going diplomatic spat with Qatar.

The Saudi commission for tourism and national heritage issued a warning of a 10,000 riyal ($2700) fine if any tourist outlet failed to censor the Qatari news channel.

“The commission affirms the necessity to cancel a number of al-Jazeera media channels inside tourism accommodation,” the unsigned letter reads.

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