The people of peace and the real hate preachers #FinsburyPark



20 June 2017 | |

This is so true! I was watching Sky News as the story broke and it seemed at first that they were going to treat it as a ‘story’ rather than provide ‘rolling coverage. JP

When the news of last night’s attack on innocent people leaving a mosque broke on BBC News, it was notable how slowly the channel decided to treat it as a terror incident. It was impossible to escape the conclusion that the rolling coverage would have started instantly had it been a Muslim attacking non-Muslims.

That discrepancy was bad enough. But it’s far from the worst disservice that the Establishment media have done both to our Muslim citizens and to our society by sowing division and promoting essentially racist stereotypes. (See photo above.)

Their Tory allies are, of course, little better, including our current excuse for a Prime Minister.

By contrast, the behaviour of the targets of last night’s attack set an example that shamed a large part of the media in our civilised country – and one that most of us would be hard pressed to live up to.

Not only were the people who were attacked last night an easy target for the presumably white-supremacist attacker because they were tending to a man who had collapsed because of a heart attack but Mohammed Mahmoud, the imam who intervened as bystanders wrestled the attacker to the ground, rallied his congregation to protect the attacker and ensure that he survived intact to be arrested on terror charges, as the Guardian observed:


It’s hard to imagine that protecting the attacker would be the first thought of most of us in those circumstances.

The sympathies of the SKWAWKBOX go to the family of the man who died after the attack and to the injured. But this blog also hopes that, just as the tragedy of Grenfell Tower is challenging this nation’s tolerance of the demonization of the poor and the immigrant by the rich and powerful, the exemplary actions and morals of Imam Mohammed Mahmoud and those with him will wake this country up to the cynical manipulation and hate-preaching of too many of our ‘newspapers’.

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