“Manifesto Ninety-Nine”


“Manifesto Ninety-Nine”

Excerpt From: “Hawkins Bay.” 

We The People. Being of clown minds and retro logic

do hereby declare

Open Season on

The Ones who have destroyed any semblance of life among the 99%

We The People do hereby declare that we will exact the ultimate price

against the 99%


We The People will not rest until 99% of the 99% are either dead or on

their way to the Gates of Hell.

We The People will likewise not rest rest until The Politicians

those 1% Proxies who

allowed the Ones to destroy our lives, are driven from their own

bunkers and into the

same air that we breathe, rendering them not only incapable of living

full and fulsome

lives, but likewise unable to rebuild or reinstitute the very forms of

government that are

responsible for the lives of quiet desperation that have become the

hallmark of millions

of people.”

Excerpt From: James Porteous. “Hawkins Bay.” iBooks.


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