Syria, Iran, North Korea, Afghanistan: Does Mainstream Media Want to Go to War?

airportPeople stand on the rubble of houses destroyed by an air strike near Sanaa Airport March 31, 2015 (Reuters / Khaled Abdullah) / Reuters

27 June 2017 | | Observer US

“…FAIR’s Adam Johnson cited that The New York Times, Slate, CNN, Rolling Stone, Vox, The and several other media outlets have referred to the United States’ increased involvement in Syria as an “accident” or a “stumble” or that the U.S. was “dragged” into it.

However, Trump has increased the amount of ground troops in the region since he took office, and the mainstream media has allowed him to quietly do so. Alternet’s Ben Norton reported on June 22,

“The tensions in Syria erupted May 18 and carried through to June 20. In this month, the Trump administration carried out three attacks on Syrian government-allied forces, destroyed two Iran-made drones and shot down a Syrian army warplane—the U.S. Air Force’s first air-to-air engagement in 18 years.”

Russia threatened to view U.S. planes as “targets” in response to the U.S. shooting down a Syrian plane. Shortly after, a Russian and U.S. plane nearly collided, evidence of increasing tension between the two super powers.

In tandem with increased U.S. military involvement in Syria, Trump seems to be pushing for direct military conflict with Iran, an ally of the Syrian regime and member nation of George W. Bush’s infamous “Axis of Evil.”

A recent report by the Carnegie Middle East Center noted the United States is deprioritizing the fight against ISIS to focus on a proxy war with Iran. “[The U.S.] seeks to expand its sway along the Syrian-Iraqi border, which is unacceptable to Iran. No wonder. The standoff in southeastern Syria only really makes sense if we assume that Washington also intends to hinder Iranian moves and gain leverage that potentially allows it to shape a political endgame in the Syrian conflict.”

Sanctions on Iran were included in a bill in early June 2017 that imposed sanctions on Russia. The legislation received almost unanimous support in the Senate, with only Sens. Bernie Sanders and Rand Paul voting against it. Sanders cited that the Iranian sanctions threatened the nuclear deal achieved under the Obama administration.

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