Video: No Is Not Enough with Naomi Klein


29 June 2017 |The Real News Network

NINA TURNER: Oh my God. I am here in Chicago; Chi-Town, with the amazing Naomi Klein. We are at the People’s Summit, 2017. What brings you to the People’s Summit this year?

NAOMI KLEIN: Well, I think we need spaces to strategize, so badly. Right? I mean, we are in this incredible moment where we now know that a transformative, progressive, radical, revolutionary, whatever you want to call it, political agenda, could actually achieve power.

NINA TURNER: Now, why do you call it an extraordinary moment? Because some people would say, “Oh my God! Life is over as I know it!” Because a certain someone made it to the White House.

NAOMI KLEIN: Right. Well, it’s both things. Right? The thing about the People’s Summit, because in some ways this is, well, it’s the house that the nurses built, but it’s also the house that Bernie built. There’s so many people here with their old Bernie swag, wearing it. It’s the tension of this moment; that this current system that we’re in has reached crisis levels on so many fronts. Inequality is at crisis levels, systemic racism, gender exclusion and misogyny, climate change.

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