David Cameron says people who oppose austerity are ‘selfish’

David Cameron sided with the Chancellor in the Cabinet row over spending AFP/Getty Images


05 July 2017 |Rob Merrick | Independent

Former UK PM “David Cameron has intervened in the Cabinet row over easing up on austerity by attacking “selfish” politicians demanding higher spending.

The former Prime Minister sided with Chancellor Philip Hammond by arguing it would be wrong to bow to growing public pressure and “let spending and borrowing rip”.

A string of senior Tories, including Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, have called for the lifting of the one per cent pay cap on awards to millions of public sector workers.

But Mr Cameron, speaking to a business conference in South Korea, said: “The opponents of so-called austerity couch their arguments in a way that make them sound generous and compassionate.

“They seek to paint the supporters of sound finances as selfish or uncaring. The exact reverse is true.

“Giving up on sound finances isn’t being generous, it’s being selfish: spending money today that you may need tomorrow.”

In addition to the row over the pay cap, Education Secretary Justine Greening is pushing for a £1bn cash injection to end school funding cuts.

New demands for higher spending added to the pressures on Mr Hammond today, as councils warned they faced a £5.8bn funding gap by the end of the decade.

Meanwhile, the Chancellor used a speech to business leaders last night to urge his colleagues to join a “grown-up debate” about how to pay for higher spending

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