Berta Caceres’ Daughter Vows to ‘Continue Forward’

ha Zuñiga Caceres, daughter of Berta Caceres, makes statements before participating in the gala in Zaragoza, Spain, on May 5, 2016. | Photo: EFE


07 July 2017 | teleSur

Bertha Zuñiga Caceres, the daughter of murdered Honduran environmentalist Berta Caceres, participated in an interview with Democracy Now Thursday, revealing key details about an attempt on her life on June 30.

Zuñiga said she believes last month’s attack had something to do with an ongoing water conflict in La Esperanza region of the country, where her family actively organizes against multinational corporations.

Zuñiga, 26, was travelling in a car with two other members of the Civic Council of Popular and Indigenous Organisations of Honduras, Copinh, when they were attacked.

“The people that attacked us, we don’t know them,” Zuñiga told Democracy Now.

“There was four of them. Three of the attackers had machetes, and the fourth one was the driver of their vehicle, who was actually the most aggressive.”

The three men with machetes blocked the Copinh members’ car, threatening Zuñiga and her companions, Sotero Chavarria and Asuncion Martine, who are members of Copinh’s leadership committee. A fourth man threw a stone at their vehicle, hitting the top of the window.

The men then tried to force their car off the road but the driver managed to escape with the passengers.

“It was a big surprise and a big alert for us, because it could have had very different consequences,” Zuñiga said.

“In many ways, it was luck that we were able to escape in the way that we were.”

The attack came weeks after Zuñiga was named the new leader of Copinh, the group formerly led by her mother.

Caceres, a 44-year-old Indigenous leader, environmentalist and leftist activist, was shot and killed at her home in the Honduran city of La Esperanza on March 3, 2016.

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