Video: 1000 GESTALTEN / G 20 Hamburg Summit

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05 July 2017 |Culture Association Neu am See eV

[Auto translation from original German text]

“After months of preparation, the art performance 1000 GESTALTEN has sent an overwhelming picture of creative protest into the world. Hundreds of cloaked people from all parts of society expressed their criticism at the G20 summit in a two-hour choreography and called for more humanity and self-responsibility.

The crusted figures are supposed to stand for a society that has lost faith in solidarity and in which the individual struggles only for his own initiative. In the course of the performance they took off their gray costumes, including their colorful T-shirts. In this way they liberated themselves symbolically from their rigid structures.

“We can not wait for change to emerge from the world’s most powerful people, but we must now show all of us politically and socially responsible,” declared the speakers of the collective Tausend Gestalten ankund. “We want to remember how identity-creating compassion and fellowship are for society. Our action is another sign that many people no longer want to accept the destructive effects of capitalism. What ultimately rescues us is not our account, but someone who hands us our hand. ”

In fact, we have succeeded in mobilizing broad layers of civil society for the campaign: more than 1,000 volunteers were involved before and behind the scenes, many of whom were the first participants in an art action. People from more than 85 cities across Europe registered as performers and helpers – crowdfunding attracted over 20,000 euros in donations.

We are overwhelmed. The action is accompanied by a detailed report on this particular day.

Direct Link to Video

Link to Group

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