UN Expert to Evaluate Impact of US Blockade on Cuban People


14 July 2017 | Fidel Rendon Matienzo | ACN

Havana, Cuba, Jul 14 (ACN) Independent expert of the UN International Human Rights and Solidarity Committee, Virginia Dandan affirmed on Friday in Havana that she  will exam the obstacles caused by the US economic, commercial and financial blockade against Cuba which impedes its population to better enjoy a right to life.
After ending a five-day visit to Havana, Dandan offered a press conference in which she pointed out that in June of 2018, she will present a final report before the UN Human Rights Council informing the economic, cultural and social consequences of Washington’s imposed policy against the Cuban people.
She expressed that amidst challenges Cuba has had to face, the island has strengths in education, health and sports.  She was able to get a first-hand look at the island’s achievements during meetings with representatives of the Health, Education and Higher Education Ministries and the National Sports Institute.
The expert also visited a family doctor’s office and a senior citizens center in the Belen Convent in Old Havana where she spoke with the elderly.  She stressed she would have wanted to stay longer to speak to children, teenagers and others “but these visits are not contemplated in what is considered an official visit”, she stressed.
The independent expert pointed out that she will identify, in her opinion, the strong point of the Caribbean island and propose the government in which aspects she recommends it should improve in its attention towards the population.
Danda expressed that she learned on Cuba’s response before emergency situations, when other nations have been affected by disasters and requested international aid.
During her visit to Havana, the expert held talks with Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Bruno Rodriguez and Foreign Trade and Investment, Rodrigo Malmierca and the President of the Institute of Friendship with the Peoples, Fernando Gonzalez and a representation of the Cuban socialist civil society.
Dandan also visited the Latin American School of Medicine and the Central Medical Cooperation Unit.  Both exchanges allowed her to see the broad and sustained work of the island regarding solidarity and international cooperation as a contribution to the promotion in the protection of human rights around the world.
Originally from the Philippines and a vast experience in Fine Arts education in the University of the Philippines, Dandan was member and President of the Economic, Social and Cultural Rights Committee of the UN, area in which she is a renowned expert in the world.


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