Pale, Male And Stale: Sexism And The World’s Top Five Alcohol Companies


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16 July 2017 |  | New Matilda

“If you want to know how to really show disdain for women, then look to the global alcohol industry, writes Chris Graham.

As most readers would know, last year New Matilda got involved in a start-up based out of Adelaide, called the Sparkke Change Beverage Company.

Sparkke is a tiny company run out of a garage. All of the team are women, and half of the Board (two folks, including me) are women.

Sparkke has launched four products since it started, and we’re poised to launch the fifth very soon. Our crowdsourcing campaign for ‘Say I do’ ends Sunday night, so if you want to be part of the first batch of the first ‘white white bubbles in a can’ ever launched in Australia, you’ve only got a few hours left.

In the meantime, I’ve put a ‘bit more meat on the bones’ of why Sparkke exists, and why I think it’s an important company to support.

In her pitch to New Matilda to convince us to get involved, one of the brainchilds behind the Sparkke brand, Kari Allen, coined the phrase ‘pale, male and stale’ to describe the ‘beer industry’ in Australia and globally.

It’s a phrase that stuck with me, in no small part due to the fact that I’m definitely male, and indisputably pale… although as a comparatively childish 45 year old, I reject the tag of ‘stale’.

Even so, the Dominance Of Men in the alcohol industry is undeniable. And when you look closely into it, it’s actually quite shocking. So are the ethics of the major alcohol companies.

Below is a guide to the five biggest alcohol companies in the world. Needless to say, there’s good reasons why companies Sparkke are needed, and need your support.

You can check out Sparkke’s Say I do campaign here. In meantime, strap yourself in.

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