Video: Teacher Detained by U.S. Border Patrol for “Citizenship Check” While Driving in New Mexico


26 July 2017 | John Vibes| The Free Thought Project


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“A middle school teacher was detained for over an hour by U.S. Border Patrol agents, after she refused to comply with their “citizenship check,” when driving through New Mexico — inside the United States — far from the Mexican border.

Shane Parmely, a teacher at Bell Middle School in San Diego, refused to answer when she was asked by a border patrol agent if she was a “citizen.” She told ABC 10 that she did not comply with the officers to protest the fact that border agents have been unjustly targeting and profiling Latino drivers.

When Parmely pulled up to the checkpoint, in a car with her two children, one of the officers demanded to know if they were citizens.

“Citizens?” the agent barked.

“Are we crossing a border?” Parmely responded.

“No. Are you United States citizens?” the agent repeated.

“Are we crossing a border? I’ve never been asked if I’m a citizen before when I’m traveling down the road,” Parmely repeated defiantly.

When Parmely attempted to assert her rights, the agent told her that “You are required to answer an immigration question. You are not required to answer any other questions.”

Then Parmely asked the agent, “So if I just come through and say, ‘Yes, I’m a citizen,’ I can just go ahead?”

In response to the incident, Border Patrol Spokesman Mark Endicott released a statement justifying the actions of the agents:

“Border Patrol checkpoints are a critical tool for the enforcement of our nation’s immigration laws. At a Border Patrol checkpoint, an agent may question a vehicle’s occupants about their citizenship, place of birth, and request document proof of immigration status, how legal status was obtained and make quick observations of what is in plain view in the interior of the vehicle. During the course of the immigration inspection, if an occupant refuses to answer an agent’s questions, the agent may detain the driver for a reasonable amount of time until he or she can make a determination regarding the occupant’s immigration status.”

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