Sebastian Gorka Invokes “Mafia” to Explain White House Silence on Mosque Bombing


09 August 2017 | MSNBC/YouTube

Donald Trump’s deputy assistant, Sebastian Gorka recently appeared on MSMBC to defend the president’s silence regarding the recent bombing of the Dar Al-Farooq Islamic Center. Minnesota Gov. Mark Dayton has declared it an ‘act of terrorism’ but Trump’s Twitter has been uncharacteristically silent on the matter. Gorka explains why. Sort of…. JP


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“Will the White House be commenting on it?” MSNBC’s Stephanie Ruhle asked Gorka.

“When we have some kind of finalized investigation, absolutely,” he replied.

“There’s a great rule: all initial reports are false,” Gorka continued. “You have to check them. You have to find out who the perpetrators are. We’ve had a series of crimes committed—alleged hate crimes—by right-wing individuals in the last six months that turned out to actually have been propagated by the left.”

He added, “Let’s wait and see. Let’s allow the local authorities to provide their assessment and then the White House will make its comments.”

Ruhle referred to Trump’s quick comments on the recent London terror attack before more details had emerged as an example of the president’s previous behavior.

“Sometimes an attack is unequivocally clear for what it is. When somebody shouts Allahu Akbar as they’re stabbing a police officer, it’s pretty clear it’s not a case of the mafia robbing a bank. Wouldn’t you say so?” Gorka responded.

Perhaps the bombing of a mosque was considered “fuzzy ground” by Gorka, MSNBC host Ali Velshi countered.

“When you’ve had people fake hate crimes in the last six months with some regularity, I think it’s wise, don’t you, to find out what exactly is going on before you make statements, when in fact they can turn out to be not who you are expecting?” Gorka said.

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