Does Richard Spencer Really Deserve State of Emergency Status?

Richard Spencer at the Conservative Political Action Conference in National Harbor, Md., in February. (Reuters/Joshua Roberts)

Look at him. That smug smile. The little wisp of renegade right-leaning-hair on his forehead. That devilish grin.

Oh yes, he is so worthy of State of Emergency Status. He is a Conservative Svengali!

The headline for the NBC article below states Florida’s State of Emergency Reflects Post-Charlottesville Fears. Does it really? Isn’t that Florida pushing some buttons, not Lord Spencer.

“Experts said they had never heard of a state of emergency directed at a single figure, but they said it seemed to make sense, given the white nationalists’ strategy of provocation.” 


“In the run-up to Spencer’s event, University of Florida President W. Kent Fuchs urged students to avoid giving Spencer and his followers too much attention and to skip the event, but also urged them to “not let Mr. Spencer’s message of hate and racism go unchallenged.”

Too late for that now. Florida has made Spencer a national figure. Funny that.


18 October 2017 | Jon Schuppe| NBC News

Florida’s State of Emergency Reflects Post-Charlottesville Fears

“How does one man prompt a state of emergency in Florida? The answer, in a word, is Charlottesville.

With white nationalist Richard Spencer taking his provocative message to public universities and with protesters vowing to confront him, authorities are struggling to avoid a repeat of the fatal violence that erupted in August at the University of Virginia.


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