Trump sorta says he kinda might release classified JFK assassination files



21 October 2017 | James Porteous | Hawkins Bay Dispatch

Well, he sort of said he would release the files. If he feels like it. “Subject to the receipt of further information,” he said. Or wrote.

This is by now standard TrumpMO. Throw out a soundbite (“calm before the storm”) and then sit back and watch the media trip over each other in a mad, mad rush to Get the Latest News Out There.

On a Saturday morning, no less!

“Subject to the receipt of further information.”

Breaking news: I am going to make $1M this year! Well, “subject to the receipt of further information.”

Or: Breaking news: Life has been found on Mars! Well, “subject to the receipt of further information,” of course.

There is every possibility that later this week Trump will announce that releasing the files would be ‘the biggest most horrible mistake ever.’

Or that ‘it woud be a very very bad idea! This President will never put our country through that awful awful period.’ Or some such.

No matter, the narrative will always be: Trump once almost said he would release the information but the CIA convinced him that it was a very very bad idea so bad so very very bad.

Some HigherUps have said they are ‘worried’ that releasing this last batch of classified material will bring on a wave of ‘conspiracy theories’ about The assassination.  No, really?

Politico reports that “administration officials have said that releasing the files might expose information pertinent to American law enforcement operations in the recent past, with potential ramifications for national security and foreign policy.”

Well, did Politico ask ‘administration officials’ what the hell they meant by ‘the recent past?’ Did they mean yesterday? Last week? 1989?

Do they have information that Oswald appeared before a secret Grand Jury? Or have they discovered pictures of him living the Life of Riley in Argentina, newspaper and rifle in hand?

Well, no. They did not ask. Because Trump has already said he will allow the release of the material, “subject to the receipt of further information.”

If the US really wants to put this long-simmering ‘mother of all conspiracy theories’ to bed they will release the news footage they confiscated on the day of and then we can all draw our own conclusions as to what really happened. Like this stuff.

Video Link

In the meantime, here is a ‘digitally remastered’ version of the Zapruder film and a few links to some lame Mainstream Twitter Reproductions.

This is probably the best we’ll ever get.

Video link

Trump suggests he’ll allow release of classified files on Kennedy assassination



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