Hawaii: Real People React to their Last Days on Earth

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14 Jan 2018 | James Porteous | Hawkins Bay Dispatch

While Sen Tom Cotton went on Face the Nation to shamefully talk about the wonders of nuclear weapons following the false ballistic missile alert in Hawaii, real people reacted the way real people do when they are told they might be about to die.

Seriously, this ‘false alarm’  is proof that we need to rein in the nuclear fanboys, not push for even more insanity. JP

Transcript: Sen. Tom Cotton on “Face the Nation,” Jan. 14, 2018

TOM COTTON: Well, good morning, John. First off, I want to express my regret to every family and every person in Hawaii who was scared by this alarm and took some fairly drastic steps.

I think it’s appropriate that we give the government of Hawaii a little bit longer to get to the actual facts and release those. Figure out what went wrong here. If it really is the case that a single employee could hit the wrong button and send out this kind of alert, obviously that system needs to be redesigned.

But the broader context is that we’ve had to deal with North Korea going back 25 years that put them on the path to nuclear weapons. That was a bad decision. Just like the deal with Iran is putting them on a path to nuclear weapons. We ought not let nuclear weapons be proliferated. Because – and then once they do get proliferated like they are in North Korea, we have to have a robust missile defense system.

And that’s why it’s so important that we pass a government funding bill that funds missile defense systems both at the takeoff phase on the Korean peninsula but also when they’re at their peak in the atmosphere like those we have on the West Coast. Because the simple fact of the matter is, I mean, once a missile gets close to its target, there’s a limited number of options that we have. That’s why missile defense is so critical.




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