“Subject, Object, Creator: The Female Gaze” at Getty Images Gallery, London

“Women with Afros on colorful backdrop,” by Naila Rueche, 30 × 40 in., 76.2 × 101.6 cm Getty Images, London
(Courtesy of the Naila Rueche & Getty Images)


15 Feb 2018 | Blouin Artinfo|

“Women from the perspective of women, that’s the premise of the show-stopping exhibition currently taking place at the Getty Images Gallery. “Subject, Object, Creator: The Female Gaze” features 70 photographs celebrating not only female creators, but also female subjects. The London gallery will host this landmark display until March 14, 2018.


“Portrait of Woman with Sparkles on Face,”
Tara Moore,


As the title asserts, the exhibition will showcase the gender-driven photographs of several artists.

The idea of the show centers on the eventful year of 2017, which was truly the Year of Women. The year began with massive women’s marches being organized in the US and was summed up with a series of high-profile and powerful men resigning from their position of power over sexual harassment scandals.

Collage of woman with flowers,”
Vasilina Popova,


This emergence of feminism may have erupted as an outburst to the current events, but the seeds of that have been long sewn. It has been slowly, steadily and subtly growing for decades.

Over the last five years, women photographers have been redefining the way women are portrayed, especially across media including advertising, film and other media. The manners and styles that visually stereotyped women and represented a distorted image of femininity have been revolutionized since some time now.

“Beauty Portrait of a Young Woman with Freckles,”
Rochelle Brock,

The crusade has been escalated and Getty Images Gallery pays tribute to the changing times with an all-new representation. Corresponding to the change, Getty Images has recruited a whole new generation of image-makers as well as partnered with several active and impactful organizations, including LeanIn.org, Refinery 29, and Muslim Girl, to expand the horizons of photographic landscape, evolving through the tides of time.

“Subject, Object, Creator: The Female Gaze” will present a selection of 70 photographs featuring women and two gender-bending men from the roster of creative talents of Getty Images.

These works embody diversity, showcasing an array of styles that includes, composites, documentary, self-portraiture, studio-based portraiture and conceptual.

“Portrait of Woman with Paint on Face,”
Tara Moore,

The idea of the ensemble is not to promote an opposing idea of ‘male gaze’ rather to put forth a raw and honest force that makes up for the truth about the nature of womanhood.

“Subject, Object, Creator: The Female Gaze” has been curated by Shawn Waldron and is on view through March 14, 2018, at Getty Images Gallery, 46 Eastcastle Street, London, W1W 8DX.

For details, visit: http://www.blouinartinfo.com/galleryguide/getty-images-gallery/overview

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