Reprinted: A Brief Non-Explainer on Why China’s Infrastructure Projects Grow…


Another Hawkins Bay Dispatch item reprinted by Off-Guardian. JP

05 March 2018 | James Porteous | Off-Guardian

A response to Why China Is Running Circles Around America at

Have you ever noticed that it is almost as though America cannot exist without the “us vs. them’ mantra?

Every step forward, by anyone, anywhere, is deemed to be a step back for America. Every innovation, a threat.

In the piece linked above we are led to believe that we are going to read an article that compares China’s real $1 trillion infrastructure projects to the CEO of America’s largely fabricated programs of kickbacks, tax-rebates and general money-making time-wasters.

But before there is even any vague hope of that happening we have to wade through an endless discussion about China’s ‘secret’ funding sources and their “innovative form of quantitative easing.”

Oh dear. It is not fair, you see. They are not playing by the same rules, you see.

So, dear reader, in order to save you time and effort here is the main conclusion of this item:

If China succeeds in rebuilding their country and the US fails, it will be China’s fault because it is not fair, you see. They do not play by the same rules.

And what of China’s infrastructure projects? Well, we are told that it “is a massive undertaking involving highways, pipelines, transmission lines, ports, power stations, fiber optics and railroads connecting China to Central Asia, Europe and Africa.”

Wow! That sounds mighty impressive. Please, tell me more!

Sorry, we are out of time. We’ve told you about their banks and their ‘helicopter money’ and now you know that they do not play by the rules and that is the main reason why ‘China’s ‘infrastructure grows as the US crumbles.’

So for now the US has no choice but to put all this confounding infrastructure chatter on the back-burner.

We need to sort out the rules before we tackle anything so big.

We’ve got to sort out the rules right now so that later on we can name the winner or the loser. That is how the game is played. You have to play by the rules, you see.

And the infrastructure?

Gosh, that is going to be a tough one, isn’t it. All that money. All those debates. All that… commitment!

No, we will have to talk about how we are going to talk about that. This is such an important issue. We have to make sure we nail this one. Nail it good.

Or as Senate majority leader Mitch McConnell said when asked about pushing ahead with banking legislation instead of moving to pass gun legislation after the Valentine’s Day shooting .

“We’d love to do that at some point,” McConnell told reporters. “I’m hoping there’s a way forward.”

Yeah, so are we, Mitch. So are we.

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