Frances McDormand Supports Grenfell Billboards Campaign

The Justice 4 Grenfell billboards on a road near the tower block in west London.
(Photograph: Justice4Grenfell)

Frances McDormand referred to the activists’ billboards about the Grenfell Tower tragedy while collecting her Best Actress award at the Oscars for “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri.”

15 March 2018 | Blouin Artinfo

McDormand said, “Billboards still work” and indeed, in her case, it worked and she now hopes it works out for the Grenfell activists. The winner at the Academy Awards spoke in support of the activists seeking justice over the Grenfell tragedy that resulted in a loss of 71 lives.

McDormand talked about her film “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” as an inspiration for a publicity campaign of seeking justice for the tragedy of Grenfell Tower fire. The campaign, which seeks justice for the victims, has created billboards that demonstrate, saying, “71 dead,” “And still no arrests?” “How Come?” and the vehicle is driven through central London.

The Justice 4 Grenfell campaigners originally were inspired by the film and the central theme it portrayed, in which the McDormand character used the very same medium of billboards to demand the attention of society and the authorities and reminded them of the unsolved rape and murder of her daughter. [The Guardian]

The American actor Frances McDormand said in her Oscar acceptance speech: “Billboards still work, so I think that it’s really exciting … the idea that activists are taking that kind of statement and putting it out there.” [BBC]

BBC quotes Moyra Samuels, a Grenfell billboards activist: “It’s not just politicians who are taking note of what happened. We are being effective at raising the issues on a worldwide stage.”

Announcing the launch of the billboard campaign, the Justice 4 Grenfell activists stated in the website: “Eight months on from the tragedy of the Grenfell Tower, the issue is being ignored. 71 people died in the Grenfell Tower. And still no arrest. And still 297 flammable towers. And still hundreds of survivors are homeless. And still they are not represented on the inquiry. And still there is no justice. These three billboards are here to keep this tragedy in the national conscience, to make our voices heard. And our voices call for change to a system that kills. And our voices demand justice for Grenfell.”

McDormand’s speech at the Academy Awards echoed the sentiment of the Justice 4 Grenfell activists.

Daily Mail quotes Frances McDormand: “I think the idea that activists are taking that kind of statement and putting it out there… It started actually with the Grenfell Tower fire investigation then it leap-frogged to (the) Miami gun control situation, it was outside the UN… that’s the kind of power that an image can have and that’s what we’re making, we’re making powerful images.”

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