#deleteZuck – Please!

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29 March 2018 | James Porteous | Hawkins Bay Dispatch

Is it just me, or is everyone really and truly sick to death hearing about Facebook. And Zuck.

I have to say, I was SO thankful he had the sense to remain MIA for a few days after the Cambridge Analytica story broke. It was an actual slice of actual heaven. I could have kissed my computer I was so happy.

But then. Oh dear. There he was. In all His glory.

But I mean, really. All that posturing. The tail-between-the-legs contrition. The ‘woe is me and my misunderstood and unwieldy mass-marketing machine.’ My billion dollar empire, struggling to regain the trust of the ‘community’ we ‘serve’ so religiously.

Seriously. As I’ve said before, Zuck is a CEO without a tie.

His Facebook is a money-making machine. A big one. And a good one.

And hats off to Zuck and Crew for figuring out a way to mine ‘personal data’ and then conning dozens of other CEOs into paying for lunch. Every day.

Fine. I could not care less about his enterprise. Or his data.

Or even my data! If I ever forget my DOB I know where I can find it! Thank you. I can sleep at night.

And if some clown in Oshkosh wants to pay to find out whether I ever let go of my Eggo? Or my shoe size? Or honey or milk in my tea? Take the data and run, chumps.

Sure it pisses me off that you make money off this crap and I don’t.

Sure it pisses me off mightily that Facebook and the NSA and the rest of the alphabet soups are storing actual important information about my political beliefs and facial recognition and god knows what else.

But that genie is out of the bottle big time.

But we don’t see the media talking about those actual data breaches do we?

No, instead we hear a constant barrage of finely tuned articles telling us the Extreme Importance and Threats of… War? Poverty? Nuclear weapons? Climate Change?

No. Social Media. Apparently that is the main -and perhaps the only- real threat to mankind!

Really? Well, aside from providing a neat and tidy diversion from real stories, what does this ‘social media’ beast actually do?

Well, who the hell knows. Like Joe Biden orAlexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson,  it just is.

On the other hand, we can quite clearly and explicitly say what it does not do. On a grand scale.

It does not serve the public good.

It does not replace the world-wide massive cuts to education.

It does not care for the elderly.

It does not stand up for the innocents facing daily drone strikes.

It does not teach or encourage empathy.

It does not provide warmth or respite or wealth.

Well, of course it does provide wealth. For shareholders. And CEOs. With and without ties.

By now we know that Zuck and his ilk will do or say anything to keep that cashflow flowing. Regulation? Best thing I’ve ever heard. Censorship? I’ve been pushing for that all along! I censor my wife all the time!

So how about we move the hell on and leave Zuck and his Crew in Fake Self-Reflective Misbegotten Limbo. No need to fret over them. They will still make piles of money. If not in the west, then everywhere else in the world.

No, what we are waiting for now, and why the media is reporting so obsessively on Facebook’s relationship with Cambridge Analytica (and we know that the only reason they are reporting on this story at all is that it adds fodder to The Habitual Dump Trump movement) is that they are fearful that at some point our short attention spans might turn to asking who the hell else ‘utliized’ the services of the Mighty Cambridge Analytica.

We already know there is more to the story.  We know for example that there were reports almost a year ago that Google and YouTube were also working in the Cambridge Analytica offices during the election.

So what else has Cambridge Analytica been up to? And with whom?

If not election data, what else?

If not Trump, who else?

Has Google shared its shitload of data with them? Or anyone like them?

Where does Amazon fit into all this? With their massive, CIA-supported ‘cloud’ data? Have they had dealings with Cambridge Analytica or any other such outfit? There is at least one signpost in that direction (Amazon Helped Cambridge Analytica Harvest Americans’ Facebook Data)

What about foreign governments? Have Facebook, Google or Amazon been trading ‘data’ with oppressive regimes? Have Cambridge Analytica and their ilk?

Where does Blackwater and Erik Prince fit into all of this. Kidding. Sort of.

Were it not for the databases filled with real, potentially harmful data the plight of Facebook might be seen as an absurd First World Problem. Were it not for that data.

So how about we take a break from the trivial ‘social media’ aspects of Facebook and Google and Amazon and deal with what is really happening here.

How about we move to not only take back the night, but the real personal data as well?

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