Salisbury Spy Scandal: The UK’s Case for Russian Involvement

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30 March 2018 | Off-Guardian

“Earlier this week, over 130 Russian diplomats were expelled from over 20 separate countries. It was billed as a “massive show of unity”, and claimed as further evidence of Russian guilt. The familiar chorus repeated, that there is “no plausible alternative explanation”.

So what was the strong evidence that the UK government shared with their allies? It must have been compelling in order to move the EU, US et al. to make moves of solidarity.

It’s a slide show.

Ambassador Laurie Bristow holding the briefing for the diplomatic communityPhoto: er of the British Embassy in Russia


Now, that might not sound like much. But a slide show can be very persuasive. It could have witness testimony, scientific test results, photographic evidence. It could explain motive, provide alibis for other suspects. It could be hundreds of pages of hard evidence laying out a perfect, bulletproof case.

It could be all of those things…but in this case it’s not.

We have it here, in PDF form, and it’s not all that. It’s five slides. That’s all, just five.

Slide 1: Timeline

An incredibly rough timeline of all the important events, skipping over the crime in one bullet point and then telling us in more detail what May said about it and when. Also there’s a map. A good start.


Slide 2: Accusations

Un-sourced accusations of Russian disinformation, a proven lie about who has access to Novichok-class agents and a scary red-tinted picture of men in bio-hazard suits.


Slide 3: What Novichok Does

A nice diagram of the human body, an incredibly basic summary of what nerve toxins do, and then the number of people who thought they might have been poisoned but weren’t.


Slide 4: Other Stuff We Blame Russia For

A long list of things Russia either might not have done, or provably did not do.


Slide 5: What We’re Going to Do About it!
This actual official PDF from the UK government has a picture of money hanging from a washing line to depict “dirty money”. What makes it even funnier is knowing some intern in the basement was given the task of doing an image search for “money laundering”, and this is all he could find.

That coupled with the “UK Border” sign, because they mention the border make this slide my favourite. Also “new legislation”, when and what it’s about don’t matter apparently.


This is it. This is the totally of Her Majesty’s case for Russian guilt in the poisoning of Sergei Skripal.

How compelling do you find it?
Would you accept this as proof of guilt?
Is it advisable to base important foreign policy decisions on this document?

The PDF file:


Read More: Media made British embassy’s presentation on Skripal’s case public


A new, by-now traditional shot of Yulia Skripal in restaurant, apparently having beer instead of wine


Yulia Skripal comes out of coma and can talk 

Daughter of Sergei Skripal Yulia regained senses and can talk, reports BBC with reference to the sources. Physicians at Salisbury Hospital evaluate her condition as rapidly improving and give optimistic predictions.

The GRU Colonel himself, who was poisoned with a nerve agent together with Yulia in early March in England, remains in a critical but stable condition.

The publication also reports that Skripal already thanked the hospital management for providing support and stated that they were proud of the doctors of the institution.

However, the doctors do not yet give long-term forecasts – how the poisoning will affect Yulia’s health in the future is still unknown.

Earlier, it was reported that Sergei Skripal and his daughter were found with symptoms of severe poisoning on a park bench. The police continue to establish all the circumstances of the incident. London said that they consider Russia to be involved in the poisoning of Skripal and his daughter, and therefore Russian diplomats were expelled from Britain.





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