World Cup of Transit Maps Competition, 2018


02 April 2018 | Website via Citylabs|

The World Cup of Transit Maps, 2018!

“Let’s have some fun!

Presented here are 32 cities from around the world (12 from the Americas, 12 from Europe and 8 from Asia), representing a wide range of rail-based rapid transit map design.

They’re arranged into four groups of eight: the Red and Blue Lines contain cities from the Americas, while the Green and Orange Lines are comprised of European cities.

The 8 Asian cities have been spread evenly across the four groups and seeded so that they can’t knock each other out before the quarter finals (if they make it that far!).

The mechanics are simple: it’s a straight knock-out tournament. Win your match and you’re through to the next round. Lose and you’re out.

Starting on Wednesday, April 4th, I’ll post a Twitter poll on my @transitmap account for matches using the hashtag #wctransitmaps. Each poll will run for 24 hours, after which a winner will be declared.

I plan on doing two matches per weekday, at least in the initial rounds, just to keep the tournament rolling along at a brisk pace. Starting times will be at 6am and noon Pacific Daylight Savings Time precisely for each match – hooray for scheduled tweets! See the schedule for the Round of 32 match-ups below and get ready to vote!

When voting, I ask you to consider the merits of the current official transit map for each city as found on the agency’s website and make your judgment as to which of the two maps you consider best. Of course, how you define “best” is entirely up to you.

There’s a complete list of links to the relevant maps at the bottom of this post. Remember that this event is just for fun, and is wholly unscientific. Also remember that the more people who participate, the more fun the tournament will be – so be sure to retweet and share each match poll as it comes out to maximize the visibility of the competition.

The graphic at the top of this post will be updated as each match ends, reflecting the progression and elimination of cities from the tournament. If you’re so inclined, you can download your own copy of the bracket to follow along, or you can try to predict the final result by filling in the bracket before the tournament starts. Share your brackets on Twitter with the hashtag #wctransitmaps for everyone to see. Boasting rights for perfect brackets!

Schedule for Round of 32 Matches

6am: Red Line Match 1 – New York vs Delhi
Noon: Green Line Match 1 – London vs Istanbul

6am: Blue Line Match 1 – Washington, DC vs São Paulo
Noon: Orange Line Match 1 – Moscow vs Milan

6am: Red Line Match 2 – Beijing vs Toronto
Noon: Green Line Match 2 – Berlin vs Madrid

6am: Blue Line Match 2 – Mexico City vs Vancouver
Noon: Orange Line Match 2 – Barcelona vs St. Petersburg

6am: Red Line Match 3 – Chicago vs Los Angeles
Noon: Green Line Match 3 – Stockholm vs Prague

6am: Blue Line Match 3 – Seoul vs Buenos Aires
Noon: Orange Line Match 3 – Tokyo vs Vienna

6am: Red Line Match 4 – Montréal vs Boston
Noon: Green Line Match 4 – Hong Kong vs Budapest

6am: Blue Line Match 4 – Singapore vs Santiago
Noon: Orange Line Match 4 – Paris vs Taipei

List of Official Transit Maps for Each City (in alphabetical order):

Original Link


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