Music Review: Motel Bouquet (Caitlin Canty)



05 April 2018 | James Porteous| Hawkins Bay Dispatch

Caitlin Canty’s first album (Reckless Skyline released 2015 and produced by the equally talented Jeffrey Foucault) was very good.

It was clear that, given room to grow, her next album stood a chance of being equally as good.

We are pleased to report that her followup it is even better than the first.

Motel Bouquet was recorded live over three days at Josh Grange’s studio in Nashville. And it sounds that way.

By that I mean there is that sort of ‘freshness’ to the songs and the sound, that ‘gather everyone around a single mic’ feel to it.

In fact, you can put on Motel Bouquet and suddenly find yourself transported to… well, wherever you want to be transported to.


The songs sneak up on you and once they find a home, they are here to stay.

They are ‘confessional’ but in that mature, adult sort of way.

And that voice. Again, clear, clean and soulful, played against a wonderful backdrop of rustic and heartfelt instrumentation.

The photo of the album came about, she reports, when she was on tour with Darlingside and “someone left me flowers anonymously after a show, and I carried them in a makeshift vase from gig to van to hotel to van to gig. Cut flowers in a 12-passenger van felt triumphant and ephemeral and impractical, much like traveling around singing songs.”


That sort of sums up the album, really. You keep the things that count, the things that keep you grounded and you are always looking ahead to the next day, or in Canty’s case, the next project.

Listen and download link


Noam Pikelny (Punch Brothers) Producer

Stuart Duncan played fiddle,

Paul Kowert played bass,

Jerry Roe played drums

Russ Pahl pedal steel.

Aoife O’Donovan sang harmony and Gabe Witcher added fiddle to few tracks as well. 








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