Yulia Skripal is free… sort of


You can’t help but feel badly for Mr. Brunt who, after a long and distinguished career, has found himself standing in the rain, regurgitating odd, unemotional statements about miraculous and quite unexpected recoveries from the hand of death.

He deserves better. But so do we.

One assumes that Mr. Skripal will also ‘be discharged’ soonish, and like his daughter, quietly. He will not ask for but will receive utmost ‘privacy’ for both himself and his family.

And who knows, maybe they will be ‘granted’ ‘asylum’ in the United States with new names and identities and then, as usual, ‘quietly’ disappear into the footnotes of the history books. Maybe they have already done so!

As Yulia’s cousin says here: “I think Britain will insist that she claims asylum.”

But their ordeal -whatever it was- was not in vain. Their story has finally laid the groundwork for the reaction to recent ‘events’ in Syria. 

There are some who suggest this was how the story was supposed to play out all along. 

Who knows.

All we do know for certain is that the UK has passed on the baton to Donald Trump and His Generals. 

They will come up with a response. He is pissed. His Generals are ready to go. They were not moved by the horrible deaths in Gaza but they cannot and will not sit back and watch these videos without retribution. 

And will we will sit back and watch the story play out as it was supposed to do all along?


10 April 2018 | Martin Brunt| Sky News

“The daughter of the Russian spy targeted in the Salisbury nerve agent attack has been discharged from hospital, Sky sources say.

Yulia Skripal, the victim of a nerve agent attack along with her father, Russian former spy Sergei Skripal, has made a rapid recovery.

Sources told Sky News she was discharged yesterday.

A statement from her doctors is expected today.

Ms Skripal, 33, and her father, 66, were found collapsed in Salisbury city centre more than five weeks ago.

They were contaminated by the nerve agent novichok, thought to have been smeared hours earlier on the handle of Mr Skripal’s front door at his home on the edge of the city.

His daughter had arrived the day before on a visit from her home in Moscow.

For nearly a month both were in a critical condition in Salisbury District Hospital, but they have recently made a remarkable recovery.

Screen Shot 2018-04-06 at 3.02.34 PM

In a statement last week Ms Skripal said she was getting stronger every day and the hospital said she could look forward to being discharged.

Viktoria Skripal, Yulia’s cousin, told Sky News on Tuesday morning she only just heard her cousin had been discharged on the news.

She said she has been trying to call some numbers in Salisbury and tried to call Yulia direct without success.

She said: “I think Britain will insist that she claims asylum. I’ve tried lots of numbers for her but have had no response.

“How should I feel? I’m feeling pleased that she’s well enough to be released from hospital.

“So far my feelings are unclear because I have not seen her and nobody has seen her, we’ve just had information.”

At the end of March, Prime Minister Theresa May said doctors indicated the Skripals “may never recover fully” as she announced that more than 130 people in Salisbury could have potentially been exposed to the nerve agent.

The poisoning of the Skripals prompted nearly 30 countries to expel more than 150 Russian diplomats in solidarity with the UK after it blamed Russia for poisoning the family.


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