Winners of 2018 Birth-Photography Contest

98-Marijke-Thoen-Geboortefotografie-Cisse-2 (1)
“Stunning Siblings First Encounter,” First Place Winner, Photo: Marijke Thoen Birthphotography

23 April 2018 |Sara Barnes  | My Modern Met

Childbirth represents one of the greatest—and most rewarding—challenges that a human can endure.

Every year, the International Association of Professional Birth Photographers (IAPBP) celebrate this poignant experience with their annual birth photography contest. As an online community of over 1,200 members in 42 countries, they host the Image Competitionin an effort to “share the beauty of birth with the world.”

The 2018 winners were recently announced, and within the scope of the competition, history was made. In 2016, photographer Marijke Thoen Geboortefotografie won the grand prize for her image of a water birth.

“The beautiful baby in that photo is now a big sister,” the competition explains, “and [Geboortefotografie] has won the 2018 competition with an image featuring the adorable siblings!”

In addition to Geboortefotografie’s awe-inspiring photograph, IAPBP has selected winners in categories including Labor, Delivery, Postpartum, and Birth Details, as well as the top portraits chosen by its members. Each image represents its own incredible journey and is a testament to just how amazing our bodies are. See the artful birth photos below.

Newborn Photography

“Nowhere and Everywhere,” Best in Category: Labor, Photo: Rebecca Coursey


Birth Photography Contest

“En Caul Baby Birth,” Best in Category: Delivery, Photo: Daniela Justus


Newborn Photography

“Flesh of My Flesh,” Best in Category: Postpartum, Photo: Esther Edith


Birth Photography Contest

“Birth of a Brother,” Best In Category: Birth Details, Photo: Daniela Justus

Newborn Photography

“Three Become Four,” Members Choice Winner, Photo: Esther Edith


Photo of Baby Being Born

“Take My Hand, Hold My Heart,” Members Choice Best in Category: Postpartum, Photo: Tamara Milldove


Birth Photography Contest

“Birthing Waves,” Honorable Mention, Photo: Robin Baker


Birth Photography Contest

“Touch,” Honorable Mention, Photo: Krista Evans


Birth Photography Contest

“Labor by Candlelight,” Honorable Mention, Photo: Ashley Marston


Birth Photography Contest

“Nurse Linda,” Honorable Mention, Photo: Tammy Karin


Birth Photography Contest

“Fist Bump for Mom,” Honorable Mention, Photo: Neely Ker-Fox


Newborn Photography

“A Physiological Third Stage,” Honorable Mention, Photo: Paige Driscoll


Newborn Photography

“Love Complete,” Honorable Mention, Photo: Marjolein Loppies


Newborn Photography

“Admiration and Relief,” Honorable Mention, Photo: Kandyce Joeline


Newborn Photography

“Underwater Scream,” Honorable Mention, Photo: Caroline Devulder


Newborn Photography

“How Big,” Honorable Mention, Photo: Megan Brock


Original Link |  Winners of 2018 Birth Photography Contest Celebrate Magic Moments of Childbirth


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