Syria: Keep calm and carry on buying the party line


Below are three articles that attempt to shed some light on the ‘incident’ in Douma, Syria.

These are all long items so I will not reproduce them here, but they are all well-worth reading if you have any questions as to what might have happened in Douma.

It is shocking how little actual, adult debate has taken place around this story.

Indeed in the Off-Guardian item below the author wonders, not without some justification, if we have in fact witnessed the start of World War III.

Imagine if that turns out to be true? Imagine if it turns out to be true and the history books -if any still exist- will note with some sadness that the vast majority of adults were so engaged in Trumpism and Russsiagate that they failed to take note of what was actually going on?

And what if 71 incoming missiles really were shot down by Syria? Wouldn’t that rate of failure -whether US or French missiles rather suggest that the US would be inclined to move straight to nuclear weapons as soon as they managed to instigate the next world war?

Such notions are easy to dismiss in this day and time, but only because we have all been trained to dutifully keep calm and carry on buying the party line.

It is madness. Really and truly madness.

James Porteous


25-26 April 2018 | Media Lens| Media Lens

Douma: Part 1 – Deception In Plain Sight




Douma: Part 2 – ‘It Just Doesn’t Ring True’


26 April 2018 | Eric Zuesse | Off-Guardian

Photo allegedly showing Syrian air defenses downing allied missiles over Damascus

What was the success-rate of the April 14th missiles against Syria?


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