Watch: 78-year-old retired CIA analyst brutalized by police for protesting against Haspel confirmation

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“Stop resisting.”
It is almost inconceivable that anyone, let alone a respected 78-year-old, could be thrown to the ground, handcuffed and treated like a criminal because of what? 
Because he was protesting against the fact that his government ignored the Geneva Conventions and tortured people? With impunity? 
Of course this sort of things happens every day. 
Listen to the command to “stop resisting.” 
Stop resisting. That is the new battle cry of the republic. 
Stop resisting. Anything. 
Stop resisting even the most common-sense human urge to resist against state-sponsored torture. 
Hats off to Mr. McGovern.
Surely he did not expect to be treated like a prisoner at Gitmo for speaking his mind.
Surely people will see how he was treated in his own country and perhaps even they will ingore the call to Stop Resisting.
James Porteous


10 May 2018 | Video| Off-Guardian

78-year old Ray McGovern, ex-CIA analyst and respected commenter was detained, thrown to the ground and handcufFed for protesting the confirmation of Gina Haspel as head of the CIA yesterday.

Haspel previously headed the CIA’s enhanced interrogation program which included several forms of physical and psychological torture.


Ret. CIA Analyst Ray McGovern Brutalized By Police At Haspel Confirmation

Original Link | WATCH: former CIA Analyst Ray McGovern Brutalized By Police At Haspel Confirmation

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