Watch: Falz’s New Video ‘This Is Nigeria’

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The Nigerian rapper tackles his country’s social ills in his very own answer to Childish Gambino’s “This Is America.”

25 May 2018 |   | OkayAfrica

Nigerian rapper, Falz has been known to use his sharp brand of humor to address social ills in his country.

Today he’s taken it a step further with the release of a new song and video entitled “This is Nigeria” and the outcome is an audacious, decidedly necessary critique of Nigerian society inspired by Childish Gambino’s viral video “This is America.”

Falz opens the song with a voiceover of his father, the lawyer and human rights activist Femi Falana, discussing the consequences of rampant corruption and exploitation, before adding his own cutting criticism: “This is Nigeria, look how I’m living now, look how I’m living now. Everybody be criminal,” he rhymes as chaos ensues all around him.

The opening lines set the tone for the rest of the song and video, in which Falz tackles everything from the government’s sluggish response to the missing Chibok Girls, the drug epidemic affecting Nigerian youth, widespread consumerism, the country’s infamous Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS), internet fraud, crooked pastors, Fulani herdsmen and even Big Brother Nigeria.

The Prodigeezy-directed video ends with a reenactment of the now viral clip of Nigeria’s Inspector General Ibrahim Idris painfully stumbling through a speech.

“This is Nigeria” is a welcomed departure from the superficiality that has become ubiquitous in afrobeats music. It’s certainly refreshing to see an artist in Falz’s position, use his platform to offer critical and thought-provoking material that challenges the status-quo.

Watch: Falz – This Is Nigeria

This is Nigeria

They’re extremely poor
And the medical facilities are poor
We operate a predictory neo-colonial capitalist system
Which is founded on fraud and exploitation
And therefore, you are bound to have corrupt institutionalists
Many criminal cases are settled in police stations, albeit illegal


Eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh ewo oh
Eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh ewo oh
Eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh ewo oh


This is nigeria
Look how am living nah
Look how am living nah
Everybody be criminal
This is nigeria
Look how we’ living nah
Look what we’ eating nah
Everybody be criminal

[Verse 1]

This is nigeria
Just because am on tv nah
Person wey no get work is checking
To see if my watch is original
This is nigeria
Where that madam philomena?
Money vanish for your office
36 milli, you talk say na animal

This is nigeria
Never ending recession oh
Where looters and killers and stealers are still
Contesting election oh
Politician wey thief some billion and billion
He no dey go prison oh
Uh, police station dey close by 6- security reason oh

[baba] my brothers and siters, [e se o baba] I want you to put
Your hands up right now [e se o baba] because your miracle
Is coming this week [a wa dupe baba]
If you believe me, let me hear you say amen

[Verse 2]

Ahn, this is nigeria, praise and worship, we’ singing out
Pastor put his hand on the breast of his member,
He’s pulling the demon out
This is nigeria [yea]
No electricity daily oh [eh]
Young people are still working multiple jobs
And they talk say we lazy oh
This is nigeria [eh]
There’s plenty wahala sha
Fulani herdsmen still dey slaughter
Carry people dey massacre
This is nigeria
Bombs in my area this is democracy
Political hysteria
Yahoo yahoo don tear everywhere now
And we act like it’s so cool
Casting the p and being castigated just for trying to be noble
This is nigeria, look at my nation ooh
Sarz stop me for road, any explanation,
You go talk am for station oh

Sir, look sir, am just a student
Am a student of the university of lagos
We’re just coming from the club, okay
[eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh ewo oh]
So my friend and I, we’, no, sir, I have my id to prove
[eh eh eh eh eh eh eh eh ewo oh]


This is nigeria
Look how am living nah
Look how am living nah
Everybody be criminal
This is nigeria
Look how we’ living nah
Look what we’ eating nah
Everybody be criminal

[Verse 3]

“This is break in transmission of ehm, sansmission e

What happen everyday is that, the system must allowed it
For instance, there’s no law that allows you
To take money from the church, invest in business
And privatize it- no
It is only in nigeria where you can take money from the church
Money contributed by poor congregation member [public fund]
You go and setup a university that the members cannot attend
Cannot send their children to
It’s against the rule of eh the law of god
It’s against our constitution

The End!!!

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