Netflix series ‘ReMastered’ will feature, Marley, Cash, Cooke and others


28 September 2018 | Staff | Blouin Artinfo

Netflix has announced the launch of a new monthly music history documentary series, “ReMastered” beginning this fall on October 12.

Netflix’s original documentary series “ReMastered” will investigate high-profile events affecting some of the most legendary names in music, presenting groundbreaking discoveries and insights beyond what’s been previously reported.

Each of the eight installments will launch monthly on Netflix, and each episode will focus on a different musician including Bob Marley, Johnny Cash, Jam Master Jay, Sam Cooke, Robert Johnson, and others.

Produced by Triage Entertainment and All Rise Films, the series is created by Emmy and Peabody award-winners Jeff Zimbalist and Michael Zimbalist (“The Two Escobars,” “Favela Rising,” “Nossa Chape,” “Pele”), who also serve as exec producers alongside Irving Azoff and Stu Schreiberg.

A peek at the monthly rollout as disclosed by Netflix:

“Who Shot the Sheriff?” launches October 12. Directed by Kief Davidson (“Open Heart,” “The Ivory Game”), this violent political suppression of the roots reggae movement in Jamaica told through an investigation into Jamaican politics and the CIA’s involvement in the mysterious shooting of Bob Marley.

“Tricky Dick and the Man in Black” launches November 2018. Directed by Barbara Kopple and Sara Dosa (“American Dream,” “Harlan County USA”), the series talks about Cash’s political values after his famed prison concerts at Folsom and San Quentin and this night marked the climax of his political transformation.

“Who Killed Jam Master Jay?” launches in December 2018. Directed by Brian Oakes (“Jim: The James Foley story,” “Abstract”), this track steps into the murky world of hip hop in Hollis, Queens to understand Jay’s loyalties to his roots and investigate this iconic whodunnit.

“Massacre at the Stadium” launches in January 2019. Directed by B.J. Perlmutt (“Havana Motor Club”), the series will show Pinochet’s regime that eventually would torture and kill Jara — along with 3000 others — in Chile Stadium.

“The Two Killings of Sam Cooke” launches in February 2019. Directed by Kelly Duane de la Vega (“Better This World”), the series will lead to an investigation into the circumstances and controversy surrounding his murder uncovers a deeper question — did the record industry try to suppress the story of Cooke’s death?

“The Miami Showband Massacre” launches in March 2019. Directed by Stuart Sender (“Harmony: A New Way of Looking at Our World”), this film tracks Travers’ efforts and recent discoveries to tie the bombing and subsequent attacks to direct orders given by the British government leading to the Miami Showband Massacre.

“Devil at the Crossroads” launches in April 2019. Directed by Brian Oakes (“Jim: The James Foley story,” “Abstract”), this film examines more worldly interpretations of the myths that Johnson was said to have made a deal with the Devil at a crossroads in rural Mississippi and how they might explain the depth and beauty of later blues musicians who were heavily influenced by Johnson.

“The Lion’s Share” launches in May 2019. Directed by Sam Cullman (“Art and Craft,” “Tree Falls”), this film tracks South African journalist Rian Malan’s journey to find the original writers of the legendary song “The Lion Sleeps Tonight,” which earned more than 15 million dollars in royalties for American groups like The Tokens, Pete Seeger, and the Weavers, as well as Disney. Malan discovers that the original writer, a black South African named Solomon Linda, whose family currently lives in poverty in the slums of Sweto, did not receive royalties. Driven by his own guilt that his uncle was one of the architects of apartheid, Malan goes after businessmen in the US music industry to force them to pay their fair share to Linda’s family.

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