New Music: Tim Rutili + Craig Ross – ’10 Seconds To Collapse’



“On their previous effort, 2016’s Guitars Tuned To Air Conditioners, songwriters Tim Rutili and Craig Ross built a long-form drone, a study in electricity and tension. Their followup LP, 10 Seconds To Collapse takes a different tact: its seven songs employ deconstructed pop melodies, blown-out folk rock, and woozy psychedelia. A true collaboration — Ross and Rutili split songwriting, lyrical, and instrumentation duties — it rings with a melodic complexity befitting its skewed, sidewise narrative, black comedy rumination about the end of the world, prisons, desert cities, and errant gods.

“When we were making the record, a lot of our humor came out, these very apocalyptic, dystopian jokes,” Rutili says. “I think that that found its way into the music.”

The two began working together on Stitches, the 2013 album by Rutili’s long-running collective Califone. Applying the equal division of labor that defined Guitars Tuned To Air Conditioners to mutated sing-song melodies, 10 Seconds To Collapse was assembled over a long stretch, with Rutili visiting Ross’ Austin, Texas, studio over the course of two years.

“We’d get together in small batches of time…we’d sit and make sound and record and write and then not see each other for six months,” Ross says.

Initially, Rutili conceived the record as a collection of Ross’ songs. “Craig’s got all this unfinished, beautiful little pieces of music…loops and sounds and things,” Rutili says.

But quickly the recording sessions began to represent something more, a chance for artist communication and an opportunity to wriggle free from imagined constraints.

The two tore into their compositions, rearranging and breaking them down, navigating the spaces between familiarity and experimentation. While the duo shared a vocabulary of pop references — you can hear evocative strains of AM gold in songs like “Choke” and “The Day Before the Peaches Rot,” and gorgeous balladry on “Back to the Plow” and album closer “Little Carnivores” — it was in the untangling of familiar themes that they found the resonant strangeness that defines the record, that makes it as rollicking as it is apocalyptic. Like the album’s cover art, which features pop art cut-ups by Shane Swank, it recontextualizes fantastical images in surprising, daring ways.

“We really tried to fuck some things up,” Rutili laughs. “To fuck something up that would have been more traditional made it more personal.”

TIM RUTILI is the founder and principal songwriter for Califone & Red Red Meat

CRAIG ROSS is a producer, songwriter and collaborator who has worked with Shearwater, Lisa Germano, Spoon, Patty Griffin, Robert Plant, Daniel Johnston.


Tim Rutili & Craig Ross – The Day Before The Peaches Rot


Tim Rutili & Craig Ross – Like A Rifle


Tim Rutili & Craig Ross – Choke


Tim Rutili & Craig Ross – Greasing Up The Third Eye


“I’ve been making some music with my lovely friend and collaborator Craig Ross. We usually have quite a good time and come up with things together that are beyond what we would come up with alone. 

in 2016 we released our first Tim Rutili & Craig Ross record on the Jealous Butcher label – Guitars Tuned to Air Conditioners – 2 long form drone/meditations on texture, electricity, tension and time.   

On June 22nd we release our new collaborative album – 10 seconds to collapse – 

Craig and I wrote and recorded these songs over the last few years, a little bit at a time. mostly in Austin, TX, a little bit in Los Angeles and a bit in Chicago (with help from Angela Bettis, Brian Deck and Ben Massarella).                                                                                                                            The songs swing somewhere between the poles of early 70’s Am radio pop and deconstructed folk songs built up from drones and loops (though, you may hear something else and use completely different words to describe this music).. We love this record very much and are looking forward to sharing this music with you and possibly playing these songs in your house!

+ can we play music in your house?

Tim Rutili + Craig Ross living room shows

Do you have big living room, loft space, community space, art gallery, yoga studio, recording studio, coffee shop or other space where we can do a private show that can comfortably and safely host 40-50 people? If so, please read everything below and get in touch if you live in or near these areas and want to host. We’d love to have a show at your place!

Deadline for submissions: June 7
Tickets on sale: June 20 @ 2pm (CT) HERE

Mon, July 23 – Dallas TX
Tue, July 24 – Tulsa or Oklahoma City OK
Wed, July 25 – OFF / DRIVE
Thu, July 26 – Denver CO
Fri July 27 – Omaha NE
Sat July 28 – Kansas City MO
Sun July 29 –  St Louis MO
Mon, July 30 – OFF
Tue, July 31 – Indianapolis IN
Wed, August 01 – Cleveland OH
Thu, August 02 – Detroit MI
Fri, August 03 – Grand Rapids MI
Sat, August 04 – Chicago IL (suburbs)
Sun, August 05 – Milwaukee WI
Mon, August 06 – OFF
Tue, August 07 – Minneapolis WI
Wed, August 08 – Madison WI
Thur, August 09 – Chicago IL (city)

We’ll make this as easy as possible for the hosts. All you have to do is let us borrow your living room for about 3 hours, check names off the list at the door… in return you’ll get 5 additional free tickets for friends and our eternal gratitude.

Original Link: Presser


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