‘Feel the love, feel the hate – my week in the cauldron of Trump’s wild rallies’

A Trump supporter at a rally in Montana. What’s the source of Trump’s appeal? Photograph: Fred R Conrad for the Guardian

I was reminded of Trump the day after the election of a new far-right president in Brazil and many of the headlines read along the lines of  ‘We will resist’: anti-Bolsonaro protesters vow to defend Brazil’s freedoms. 

Of course they would have to do this thing, but the fact of the matter remains: Jair Bolsonaro won the election. People voted for him. And elected him. 

So it is in Italy. And Austria. And at least a half-dozen other countries. 

And, of course, it has also happened in the United States of America. Also is the operative word. 

What is happening now in the US is not an anomaly. It is not happening in isolation. It has happened in an election in which people who support Trump’s agenda voted for Trump. They willingly and happily, and as you may read below, joyfully elected a new CEO of America. 

Trump would not have been elected without his supporters any more than Bolsonaro. Or any of the other ever-increasing number of right-wing ‘politicians.’ 

Brazil’s Bolsonaro Completes a U.S. Sweep of South America: Other than Venezuela — and only for as long as Maduro holds on — the continent is now U.S.-friendly.

Will the world-wide tide to the right continue?

We don’t know yet. We are waiting to see if the corporations can finally find a way to truly profit from climate change or the military suppliers increase their obscene profits even more or if the Dow manages to rebound in 2019 or the full scope of poverty inflicted on Iran plays out or the of the economic war against China, Russia, Venezuela…

We are, in short, waiting for the CEO of America to decide what it will take to make American Corporations Great Again (ACGA)

James Porteous

Read the full Guardian article: Feel the love, feel the hate – my week in the cauldron of Trump’s wild rallies

01 November 2018 | Ed Pilkington | The Guardian

“There is no understanding Donald Trump without understanding his rallies.

They are the crucible of the Trump revolution, the laboratory where he turns his alternative reality into a potion to be sold to his followers. It is at his rallies that his radical reimagining of the US constitution takes shape: not “We the people”, but “We my people”.

As America reels from a gunman killing 11 Jewish worshippers in a Pittsburgh synagogue; pipe bombs being sent to 14 of the US presidents’ leading opponents, and Trump declaring himself a nationalist and sending thousands of troops to the US border to assail unarmed asylum-seekers; the most powerful person on earth continues to rely on his rallies as seething cauldrons of passion.

A Trump supporter makes his feelings known. Photograph: Fred R Conrad for the Guardian

And that’s not all. Trump is using them as a test run for his 2020 bid for re-election.

Which is why I have criss-crossed the country, from Montana and Wisconsin in the north to Texas in the south, Arizona in the west to North Carolina in the east, to observe the president delivering his message to his people.

Five rallies, eight days. At each, we explore a different emotion that Trump evokes to arouse his people’s devotion, in search of the source of his appeal.

Under Montana’s famous big sky, Trump addresses thousands of his supporters. Photograph: Fred R Conrad for the Guardian

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