Preparing for war with Russia


01 November 2018 | Various | OffGuardian

OffGuardian is running two articles today that address the Trident Juncture 2018 war games taking place near Russia. See ‘Trident Juncture’ wargames begin as NATO rehearses for war against Russia previously in HBD.

The first article, Military Escalation in Europe Is Like Runaway Train: It’s Time to Slow It Down tells us, for example, that the ‘total [US European Command] request includes a significant funding increase from $4.7 billion to $6.5 billion.”

Air bases are being built and upgraded in Estonia and Hungary and Poland. The US also plans to invest ‘some $214 million into air bases in Europe’ and there has been a massive push to send shipment of ammunition to Germany and elsewhere.

The second article,  The mega war game “Trident Juncture 2018” tells us that the 29 NATO member states are taking part in the ‘military exercise,’ taking place now in Norway.

‘Total deployment – approximately 50,000 men, 65 major ships, 250 aircraft, 10,000 tanks and other military vehicles.’

Prior to The Games, citizens of  “Sweden, a NATO partner country, 4.8 million families were handed a survival manual explaining how to prepare for war, by storing reserves of food and other essential goods, learning how to behave when the signals of alert are sounded to warn of the Russian attack.”

Watch: DFN:TRIDENT JUNCTURE 2018 – NATO Military Demonstration Rehearsal Part Two NORWAY 10.30.2018


Watch: Some HIGHLIGHTS from latest MASSIVE NATO MILITARY training exercise ‘TRIDENT JUNCTURE’!


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