Whole Earth Catalog – 1968

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24 November 2018  | Whole Earth

If you feel as though you have been bucking the system your entire life, you just might be right.

In the often-visited realm of ‘nothing changes,’ we would like to remind you of a publication that first appeared in 1968 – The Whole Earth Catalog.


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Here was a publication that intended to not only change the world, but change the way we would perceive the world. Forever.

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It was a massive publication, filled to overflowing with facts and figures and how-tos and just about everything else one could think of.

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At its heart was a simple mantra: take control.

Of ourselves. Each other. The forces that would destroy either. But most of all, the planet.

You see, we have been told to believe that most of the ‘environmental issues’ just suddenly appeared out of nowhere. The planet just took a sudden and quite inexplicable nosedive! Nature! Cruel, cruel Mother Nature.


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Nothing could be further from the truth. There were calls then to take action over ‘climate breakdown.’

Calls to stop pollution and waste and corporations that were burning and digging and destroying whatever they felt like.

And in those 50 years, very little has changed. We still hear the same old same old sorry excuses. The corporations can’t afford to be responsible. Or be held responsible. The shareholders would not stand for massive, wholesale cuts to their profits just to repair the harm that they had inflicted on the entire world.

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Nothing has changed. We have been told there may be two years to start -really start- taking back the planet.

And what was the political and media response? Nothing. More twitter crap, more fake ‘issues’ covering the front pages, more ‘proof’ that this leader or that leader is Not on Our Side.

Well, none of them are. Any more than any CEOs are on our side. And that includes the CEO of America, Mr Turnip himself.

You can see for yourself. The link below can be used to download a copy of the original Whole Earth Catalog.

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Take a look and then take another look and then do what we tried to do 50 years ago.

Take back the planet.

We are running out of time.

James Porteous

Original Link: Download original Whole Earth Catalog


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