Mad Dog: The ‘Voice of Reason’ in Trump’s White House

21 December 2018 |  and  | Business Insider

Outgoing Defense Secretary James Mattis was legendary long before he agreed to join President Donald Trump’s Cabinet.

The retired four-star general spent 44 years in the US Marine Corps, working his way up to Commander of US Central Command.

He’s been called “Mad Dog” Mattis (a nickname he detests), “Warrior Monk” (because he’s such an intellectual), and is beloved and respected by fellow Marines.

Mattis also has some of the best quotes of any general around. Here are some of his best.

On meeting new people:


On collateral damage:


On taking a life:


Warning US enemies:


On foes opposing the US military:


On failure:


On the business of war:


On defeating Al Qaeda:


On fighting for democracy:


On combat:

On thinking things through:

Original Link: 17 of the most legendary quotes from James Mattis, the four-star Marine general who just resigned as Trump’s Defense Secretary


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