Music: Folk Radio UK’s top 100 Folk Albums of 2018


Here is a list of Folk Radio UK’s top 100 ‘folk’ albums of 2018. The series is in five parts and links to all parts will be found here. There are also links to a series of Mixcloud compilations culled from the list. JP

11 Decemberr 2018 | Alex Gallacher  | Folk Radio UK

“The task of choosing the 100 best folk albums of the year never gets any easier. 2018 was no exception and I could have chosen well over 100 albums and still not scratched the surface.

All anxieties aside, I have managed to select just 100 albums and alongside this list, there will also be a few individual Top 10 lists from some of our feature writers coming soon.

The purpose of this list is not just to highlight what I may consider the best but also to share with you a journey through the year. The albums I’ve chosen range from the experimental through to the traditional and in many ways reflects the breadth of what we cover on Folk Radio UK.

This is just a small part of a much bigger journey but it’s one I hope you enjoy us sharing with you. The list below does not run to the end of the year, I had to stop somewhere and I wanted to get this out to you all before Christmas so be sure to check all our reviews and Featured Albums here. Also, the list does not include live albums, re-issues or compilations.

One last thing…as Editor, I always send albums that I love to our reviewers, so, as far as I’m concerned, the many albums we have reviewed over the past year have already made the cut. OK, that’s enough waffling, here are the first 20 albums in no particular order.

Original Link: THE BEST FOLK ALBUMS OF 2018: PART 1

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