Hey #Gillette, you really want to help men cope?

screen shot 2019-01-20 at 1.18.30 pm

20 Jan 2019 | James Porteous | Hawkins Bay Dispatch

Oh my. Another day, another giant corporation stirring up the pot in the name of trying to look like good corporate citizens.

So what if in so doing they cause outrage!

Because of course that was the main ambition all along.

Gillette is the latest. They of  We Believe: the Best Men Can Be fame.

Here’s an idea, Gillette. If you really want to help mankind, why don’t you stop charging men so much for your lousy blades. Think I’m kidding?

Gillette Fusion.jpeg

Here is a Gillette razor blade dispenser in Italy.

You know why the blades are kept in this contraption? And others like this one all over the world?

Because in Italy, for example, they are charging  €13.45 or  €15.74 for four lousy blades. So let’s call it €3 per.

It is estimated that it costs Gillette 5p to manufacture its cartridge. Which would be about €0.057

Smooth operators: Gillette sell the 5p razors for £2.43, a mark up of 4,750 per cent (2009 prices)

And you know what toxic males are like.

They see something like this and their first instinct is to steal the product.

In fact, it is said that razor blades are the most ‘shoplifted’ item in the UK.

So yeah, Gillette, keep stirring up the pot if you want.

Spend your valuable ad dollars on whatever the hell you want.

Because really, no one cares what you -or any other corporation- thinks.

About males.

Or females.

Or anything else.

But practice what you preach and put a freaking cap on the amount of money you need to make selling your lousy product.

But thanks for reminding us.

This has been going on for decades.

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