Inkstone index: America’s fear of China


Photo: Wang Xiao / Xinhua

13 March 2019 | Zhenhua Lu | Inkstone

In the Inkstone index, we break down China into the simplest possible chunk: a single number. What can one number tell us about China? Quite a lot.


46%: Americans who believe China’s economic power represents a “critical threat.”

Almost half of the Americans surveyed in a recent opinion poll by Gallup said they considered China’s growing economic power to be a “critical threat” to the US.


The poll also found that only 41% of Americans held a “favorable view” of China – a 12-point drop compared with the previous year and the lowest level recorded since Gallup’s annual world affairs survey began seven years ago.


Gallup noted that the sharp decline followed “a year of escalating trade disagreementsbetween the two nations,” adding that President Donald Trump “has long criticized China’s trade policies, accusing the country of manipulating its currency and taking advantage of the US.”

In the survey conducted early last month, Gallup asked people to state whether they viewed China’s economic power as a critical threat, an important but not critical threat, or not important at all.

Results showed that 46% of Americans believed China’s economic power represented a “critical threat,” up from the 40 to 41% recorded between 2015 and 2018.

However, this figure was still below the 52% registered in 2013 and 2014 – a period when China’s economy was rapidly expanding.

And China is hardly the only country that Americans have viewed less favorably over the last year.

Countries such as Venezuela, Russia, Iran and North Korea were all viewed more unfavorably than China. Long-standing American allies such as Canada, Britain, Japan and Germany were seen in the most positive light.

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