Photo Essay: Vincent Fournier’s space odyssey

 Moon Village, 2007. Photograph: © Vincent Fournier/courtesy the Ravestijn Gallery

28 March 2019 |Vincent Fournier| The Guardian

Over 10 years, the French artist went inside space centres around the world to photograph ‘the past and future of space exploration’, from the 1968 Apollo mission to the future Nasa rocket aimed at Mars.

All photographs: Vincent Fournier/courtesy the Ravestijn Gallery

1500 (1)
A space launch system computer at Nasa’s Marshall Space Flight Center in Alabama


1500 (2)
The clean room at Arianespace’s Space Centre in French Guiana. Arianespace is the world’s leading satellite launch company


1500 (3)
A space helmet, called a lunar extravehicular visor assembly, at Nasa’s John F Kennedy Space Center in Florida


1500 (4)
The nose landing gear of the Space Shuttle Discovery at the John F Kennedy Space Center in Florida


1500 (5)
A field of antennas at the Svalbard Satellite Station on Spitsbergen Island in Norway


1500 (6)
An anechoic chamber in Noordwijk, the Netherlands. The room is designed to completely absorb reflections of sound or electromagnetic waves


The Phase VI space gloves used on the International Space Station. They are custom made for each astronaut


1500 (7)
Baikonur City in Kazakhstan is home to Arianespace’s launch site in central Asia, the Baikonur Cosmodrome


1500 (8)
The subsonic wind tunnel at Nasa’s Langley Research Center in Virginia


1500 (9)
Biospohere 2, one of the largest greenhouses on the planet, at the University of Arizona. In the 1990s, for research purposes, two groups of scientists were assigned to live there sealed off from the outside world except for communication

Original Link: ‘Into the great void’: Vincent Fournier’s space odyssey – in pictures

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