Four UK soldiers used Jeremy Corbyn poster for target practice


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How bad is this, and how bad are things in the UK, and in the UK media?

There is no mention here that Corbyn was recently violently attacked. The BBC, in covering it, said Corbyn attacked by man with egg. This time they did not bother to mention it at all.

Anyone but Corbyn is the motto of the Conservatives and apparently they have concluded that the only way to stop that from happening is to pass Brexit, no matter the cost. JP

03 April 2019 | Staff | BBC

A video appearing to show soldiers firing shots at a Jeremy Corbyn poster for target practice, showed a serious error of judgment, an Army chief says.

Brigadier Nick Perry said the Army was taking the matter “extremely seriously” and would fully investigate.

“The video shows totally unacceptable behaviour that falls far below the behaviour that we expect,” he said.

Labour called the behaviour alarming but said it has confidence in the Ministry of Defence to investigate.

In the short clip, four paratroopers in uniform appear to use a large portrait of the Labour leader for target practice.

Brig Perry, commander of 16 Air Assault Brigade, said there were currently 400 soldiers from his brigade working with Nato and Afghan partners in Afghanistan, where the footage is thought to have been filmed.

He said they were doing an “outstanding job in theatre” but this incident would be fully investigated.

He stressed the Army was and always would be an apolitical organisation.

The prime minister’s official spokesperson said Theresa May was aware of the video but had not watched it, and had called it “clearly unacceptable”.

Conservative MP Tom Tugendhat, a former lieutenant colonel who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, said the video was “disgraceful”.

Rory Stewart, Conservative minister for prisons, told the BBC’s Victoria Derbyshire that it was “completely wrong” and the soldiers’ behaviour was “outrageous”.

“They should not be political – they are there to defend the country and the Queen,” he said.


Original Link: Jeremy Corbyn target practice film ‘totally unacceptable’

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