Anatoly Antonov: America, You’re Not Listening to Us


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Rose Gottemoeller, then Acting Under Secretary for Arms Control and International Security, joined Anatoly Antonov, then Deputy Minister of Defense of the Russian Federation, in a side event at the 2013 NPT Prepcom in Geneva.

07 April 2019 | ANATOLY ANTONOV | Defense One

Anatoly Antonov, Russian Ambassador to the US:

You can’t have a conversation if oneparty won’t listen to the other.

Looking back on the discussions at the annual International Nuclear Policy Conference, hosted last month in Washington, D.C, by the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace, we have a strong feeling that all reasonable U.S. experts recognize an urgent lack of dialogue between Russia and the United States on key international security issues.

As a result of this vacuum created in recent years, the number of unresolved problems continues to multiply — and therefore, so does the potential for conflict and the risks for global stability.

This issue grows more relevant as the United States reconsiders its attitude towards the international system of strategic stability agreements.

As Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov noted on March 20 in his statement to the Conference on Disarmament in Geneva, “The U.S. withdrawal from the ABMTreaty, and now from the INF Treaty, paves a way to a large-scale arms race with unpredictable consequences.”

The realities of today’s rapid technological progress suggest that such a race will occur, because many countries aspire to have their own nuclear and missile capabilities as the sole true guarantors of their national security.

So it is quite surprising that the Western national-security community sometimes acts as if they do not wish to hear our arguments. Let’s take the INFTreaty, for instance.

A quick reminder: U.S. allies in NATO abandoned their own security interests and blindly supported Washington’s unfounded accusations that Russia has “violated” the Treaty. The alleged proof presented so far by the United States—coordinates and dates of the “banned” missile tests—is absolutely insufficient for such grave accusations. If there is more evidence, it should be presented.

Without it, all U.S. accusations made against us once again prove that Washington lacks arguments to back its biased stance. Meanwhile, our attempts to save the Treaty, including by proposing unprecedented transparency measures, are rejected by the Trump administration.

Not to mention that according to the information at our disposal, the United States has been violating the Treaty for 20 years now.

In 1999, they first tested combat unmanned aerial vehicles that have the same characteristics as land-based cruise missiles banned by the Treaty.

The United States went on to use ballistic target missiles for testing their missile defense system and, in 2014, they began to deploy in Europe the Mk 41 vertical launching systems.

These launchers are fully suitable, without any substantial modifications, for Tomahawk intermediate-range attack missiles. And this is a clear violation of the Treaty. Launchers of this kind have already been deployed in Romaniaand it looks like next year they will be deployed in Poland.


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