Dutch doctor used own sperm to father 49 children

Parents and donor children react after the ruling  Copyright AFP

13 April 2019 | Chris Harris | AFP via Euronews

DNA tests have confirmed the ex-chief of a Dutch sperm bank is the biological father of 49 children, it’s been claimed.

NGO Defence for Children says the results confirm suspicions Jan Karbaat used his own sperm at his clinic near Rotterdam.

Karbaat, accused of repeatedly used his own sperm instead of the chosen donor’s in IVF procedures, died two years ago.

The scandal emerged in February when a Dutch court ruled that DNA from Karbaat — aged 89 when he passed away — should be made available to parents and their children so that they could carry out their own tests.

His clinic had closed its doors in 2009, according to AFP news agency.

The lawyer for the complainants in the case had highlighted irregularities between the appearance of the children and their supposed donors.

But legal representatives for the Karbaat’s family argued that judges must respect their clients’ right to having a private life.

“The judge placed the interest of the child above the right to privacy of Mr Karbaat and his family,” said Iara de Witte, an advisor to Defence for Children

“This is a great asset, after years of uncertainty, the plaintiffs are finally closing a period and they can start processing the fact that they are one of the many descendants of Karbaat.”

Original Link: Dutch fertility scandal: DNA tests ‘confirm’ doctor Jan Karbaat used own sperm to father 49 children

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