Was Sontag the real author of husband’s ‘Freud: The Mind of the Moralist’?

‘Forgive me, please,’ begged her ex-husband … Susan Sontag, in 1975. Photograph: Peter Hujar Archive/courtesy Pace MacGill gallery

13 May 2019 | Alison Flood | The Guardian

A new biography of Susan Sontag is set to claim that the American writer was the true author of her first husband Philip Rieff’s seminal work Freud: The Mind of the Moralist.

Out in September, Sontag: Her Life by Benjamin Moser lays out textual and anecdotal evidence that Sontag was not only the unofficial co-author of the 1959 analysis of Freud, which has long been known.

Then in her 20s, the celebrated writer and filmmaker collaborated on the book with the sociologist Rieff, whom she married at the age of 17, just 10 days after attending one of his lectures.

Original Link: Susan Sontag was true author of ex-husband’s book, biography claims

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