El Paso rampage marked 250th ‘mass shootings’ in 215 days


Sadly the statistics mentioned here are already out of date. There was another ‘mass shooting’ in Dayton, Ohio on 04 August 2019.

The reason for the quotation marks is due to the fact that mass shootings are defined ‘as incidents in which four or more people were shot or killed, not including the shooters.’

As an aside, Ken Paxton, Texas Attorney General, early this morning was asked by a TV reporter what he thought could be done about these mass murders.

The reporter was clearly expecting him to say something about gun control.

Instead he told the reporter that people should not expect police to control such situations and that ‘people should be ready to defend themselves.’

James Porteous

04 August 2019 | Susan Miller | USAToday via MSN

The gunfire that tore through a Walmart jammed with back-to-school shoppers on Saturday marked another bleak milestone in a nation pocked by gun violence: the 250th mass shooting of 2019.

And the rampage in El Paso, which left 20 dead and 26 injured, notched an even darker statistic: It occurred on the 215th day of the year, meaning there have been more mass shootings than days so far this year.

The massacre at the Walmart near the Cielo Vista Mall became the nation’s latest mass shooting as defined by the Gun Violence Archive, a not-for-profit organization that provides online public access to information about gun-related violence.

The archive categorizes mass shootings as incidents in which four or more people were shot or killed, not including the shooters. So far this year, 522 people have died in mass shootings and 2,040 have been injured, according to the data.

The incident also came in a particularly painful week: Two people were shot and killed at a Walmart store in Southaven, Mississippi, south of Memphis on Tuesday, and three people were killed by gunfire Sunday at the Gilroy Garlic Festival in northern California.

9 dead, 16 injured in a shooting in Dayton, Ohio

And it follows two other high-profile shootings earlier this year.

A longtime city worker opened fire in a building that houses Virginia Beach government offices on May 31, killing 12 before he was gunned down by police.

On Feb. 15, an employee at a manufacturing plant in Aurora, Illinois, opened fire during a disciplinary meeting where he was dismissed. He wounded one other employee and five of the first police officers to arrive at the suburban Chicago plant before he was killed during a shootout with police.

Contributing: Olivia Sanchez, The Associated Press

Original Link: El Paso Walmart rampage marks 250th mass shooting in 215 days

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